Elsah Delfel


Elsah Delfel, proficient in the art of flooding Quiznos bathrooms, talented in the delicate act of falling into holy water. She is a pioneer in her field of delivering nervous, stumbling speeches and writing stories with more plot holes than her shoes. At the ripe age of 17, she has marvelously achieved the role of Editor-in-Chief of the RedBird Word, two time student director and stage manager of Alton High musicals, and honorary thespian of Troupe 126. Her daily activities include consuming obscenely large quantities of food, indulging herself in a morning over-dosage of caffeine, and absolutely nothing else. She enjoys surrounding herself with plants and nothing else. Just plants. Unfortunately, she lets her work consume her most days, and often devotes an ungodly amount of time toward anything relating to the school newspaper, because above all else, that is her passion. She believes that everyone holds the right to be informed, and is seeking to deliver the best possible paper to fulfill that belief.


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